Dear Duke Of Chicago, 
                                      Your personalized blog submission totally made my sucky day into a great day and reminded me of why I have this blog. It made me smile and motivated me even more to continue this blog and make it the best fucking site on the internet. Thank you for that. *cyber tear*

To the rest of yall, this Chicago emcee, Duke! He has a new single out titled, Movement featuring Pavy! The single is off his upcoming mixtape, Growing Pains! Duke and I have something in common, we don't like wack shit. Duke hates it so much that he made this song. Skinny jeans equal wackness in this song by the way. Duke explains how he came up with the concept of the track and said something that I completely agree with, " The idea came across me in a moment of frustration when thinking about how dance rappers are getting more shots at the big league than other, "more talented," rappers are..." Duke ain't scared of no jerking, cat daddy'n, dougie'n poser! And that's why we got this killer track Movement! I fucks with the beat heavy though! Def want to hear more from Duke, I think I'm gonna be a fan. Listen x download! Growing Pains is due out on 12/13/11, so expect more singles soon! BOW!

For more Duke, peep:

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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