Mr.Nice Watch.

I think we are all aware of Roc Nation's only dope artist (besides Rihanna), J.Cole waiting for a verse for his debut album from bossman, Jay-Z. Well he got it, and this is the song.

 First 30 seconds, I was like "Duh fuck?" J.Cole started the first verse, I was like "Is he already being a "sell out"? This shit ain't Hip Hop!". Hook came in, I ignored it and was on Tumblr. Second verse though? Something came over me and I actually started to like the track. I think it's the beat. Sounds like some Diggy Simmons 'Copy & Paste' shit. I personally don't like him on this beat. It doesn't showcase him well. As far as Hov goes, Jay being on the track didn't help or hurt the track. To me, his verse is just... there. I think I'm not 100% feeling the track because Cole had no soul on it.

I don't really see him as a stuntin', flossin', ballin', emcee. That's Big Sean. To me, he's one of the those emcees that seem to be closer to reality therefore allowing more people to relate to his music and him as an artist. I understand that the label is trying to make him have mass appeal but turning him into a carbon copy of all these other rappers is not gonna help you accomplish this. He didn't even drop his debut album yet and I already want the old Cole back. I'm done. 

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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