Road To Dopeness: Beginnings Always End.

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. -Lao Tzu

What symbolizes the beginning of a day? Sunrise. The sun slowly but surely floats higher and higher into the sky. Once it's up in a good spot, your day starts - at least for those of us with productive lives. Not hating, just stating. Does the sun rising last all day, though? No, if anything maybe for a few hours. I like to think of sunrise as a beginning that ends, but don't all beginnings eventually end?

Ever since I was a young girl in the city of Pawtucket, RI, I have always wanted be in the music business. Even though Janet Jackson and Mary J. Blige were like my idols, I didn't necessarily want to be on stage and perform like them. I wanted to be behind the scenes, making things happen, making ordinary people legends. When it came to my career idols, I was looking up to Diddy (Puff Daddy at the time) and Jay-Z. I wanted to be a boss. Typically, as children grow up, their career choices will change by the season. Remember that kid that wanted to be a heart surgeon when you guys were like 10 years old? Yea, tell me why he's putting freestyles on his tumblr preparing for a mixtape release instead of surgery? As for me, I never changed my career path - wanted to be in the music business in '96, and I still want to be in it now.

I'm only going to be 21 in October, but I feel like my "beginning" of pursing a career in the industry needs to come to a close. I've been making solid strives in my "beginning" since I was 14. Worked with dozens of artists, made (too) many street teams, and I've had this blog for 3 pretty damn good years. Just like any up and coming artist, I need my big break. Yes, patience is a virtue but I feel like time is just being wasted at this point. Do I expect to be at Diddy's level at 21? Of course not. I expect for the work I've done over the years - mainly on my own - to show that I have what it takes to be a great asset to a company, team, "crew" - pick your poison! Everything I know is based off of experience and paying attention to the successes and failures of others. Mainly experience because it's the best way to truly understand the benefits and consequences of any decision you make. Mistakes should be prevented, but if made, can be healthy for your development as a professional and person in general. I feel like I've had my shares of high and lows of someone on the come up. It's as if I'm right outside the giant gold door of the music industry screaming, "OKAYYYY I GET IT NOW! LET ME IN!"

As I eat a piece of humble pie, I must say that I'm dope as fuck. Not only do I believe that, but I've been told (no, not just by family members) that I am amazing at what I do and I would be a great asset to any team in many ways. I believe it, I receive it, but damn, can a girl get a job from it? I don't like to sit and talk, I like to DO something! I like to work towards a goal and word hard as hell on it. Music and business is what I know and I want to showcase that, but it's so hard to when no one gives you a chance. I feel like sometimes, people in this industry will focus on the wrong things when it comes to choosing who they work with/hire. Yes, I believe one must look presentable and not act ratchet in the workplace or outside while representing the company, but whether or not a girl wears Gucci heels should not be a deciding factor when hiring her. It should be her skills! Can she do the job or not? I firmly believe that when given the opportunity to do the job, I can do it and exceed my employer's expectations. Can you sense how hungry I am for this? FEED ME!

I tell my little rapper friends (as I like to call them), "I'm on the come up, too!" We're out here chasing our dreams, especially those in my generation. But how long will we run towards them? When do we stop running on foot and get in a car and do 180 mph until we smash right into the industry's gold door? I say, the time is now! With this shitty economy, college degrees losing their value, and no jobs around for us young people, we can't rely on the system to help us out. Well, could we ever rely on the system?  I feel like we're in the times of the Underdogs! Everyone is releasing music by themselves, setting up shows and touring on their own, artists are even signing themselves (GOLF WANG!)! It's our time more than ever! We have to take advantage of now before now becomes yesterday or last year. Forget about how people view you or what they say, just go for it. We have so much to offer this industry and this world. Your beginning only ends when you're willing it end it. Let's go from running after what we want and let's get it!  

Every morning, the sun rises and it's goal is to get to the highest point in the sky. It slowly rises higher and higher. Whether there are clouds blocking it or a storm on the way, it keeps rising.The moral of the story, it gets there. The beginning ends. KEEP HOPE ALIVE SUCKAS!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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