Supreme Duffle Bag.

This has to be the illest thing I've seen in awhile. Six friends who call themselves, Six Green Apples, (even though there is only 5 of them in the video) made a song for one of their homegirls who wanted a song for her birthday. Little did they know, they just made a classic anthem for all Supreme lovers and Hip Hop heads alike. Think of the dopest song you know about any brand or item of clothes (or anything really)-Supreme Duffle Bag more than likely tops it. Apparently, most of these guys are not even rappers-well the fooled the fuck outta me. This made my week and possible want to go cop a Supreme duffle bag myself.  Oh, and this was released in May. Why am I JUST hearing about this is beyond me. Someone give these guys a deal. Press play fools! Oh and the groove homeboy sitting on the floor is doing gave me life. 

Download: Six Green Apples-Supreme Duffle Bag
'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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