Throwback Of Es: Forgot About Dre.

As I (somewhat) got my car back after spending the summer in NYC. I also got (only some) of my CDs back. In that stack was a mix CD that I made way back when. I popped it in and towards the end of the mix CD, the oh so epic song, Forgot About Dre by Dr.Dre ft. then new comer, Eminem, came on. Best believe I almost fucked up my car speakers due to turning up the volume to the maximum when this song came on. I think I know about 95% of the lyrics. This song will never get old to me and I think it one of the best songs ever that include two artists. Even though he was only featured, Eminem made this song what it is. But Dr.Dre still stood his ground and made sure we never forget about Dre. We may never get Detox in our lifetime but at least we have this epic song. Reminisce and enjoy!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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