Discovered this up and coming artist out of Detroit via Tumblr by the name of JMSN. Apparently, everyone else is just catching wind of him too. His music reminds me a lot of The Weeknd's, but he definitely offers his own uniqueness. If I had to give one of my weird descriptions: he's like Mike Posner and The Weeknd, with a dash of Drake... when Drake sings. That's just my opinion. I like the music I've heard from him so far or the music I have found from him, I should say. I like the smoothness and sweetness in his voice. I appreciate the honesty and venerability in his lyrics. And the production compliments him well. I would love to hear more for him. I could definitely see myself becoming a fan of his but I would like to hear and see more of what he has to offer. And he seems to never wear a shirt. Just an observation. And he has almost 40k followers on Twitter... who is this guy? Why are we just finding out about him now? How late am I? Lol

For more JMSN, check out!/iamjmsn

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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