Barely Awake.

It's here!!! Phil The Thrill drops his highly anticipated mixtape, Barely Awake! The mixtape is purely Phil The Thrill, as in no features. This project is your chance to get to know what Phil is all about and where he's trying to go in life. Cover is done by my homie, visual artist PS

(Hint: This is about to be a review) Listening to the tape and it's a really solid project. I like the different subjects matters covered within the 'tape. It's not just about girls, money, and the other basic shit rappers talk about. I appreciate the overall flow it and how the tracks were organized. It doesn't sound like a clusterfuck. I think artists tend to forget how important the order of the tracks are when creating an entire project. I like the production that is on the 'tape as well. The only thing that bothers me I guess is that, I feel like Phil can and should push himself a little more as an emcee. I know he can rap on a beat. He has the basics down. But I want to hear a track from him that like makes me shit in my pants (not literally of course, eww). But a track that he just spazzes out on or just shows us a whole other level of his flow. Definitely would like to hear him on some production that pushes him as an emcee to go above and beyond what we're use to from him. I say that because I believe he is totally capable of it. But I will enjoy this 'tape until the next one. Great work, Phil!

Phil The Thrill's Barely Awake mixtape
9/10 dope points
(the highest rating I given out since I implemented this point system by the way)
Shit, I just realized Phil gave me a shout out on the outro! SWAGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!! Thanx homie! lmao! I'm so slow...

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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