Drake drops the visuals for his single, Headlines off his upcoming album, Take Care. I've always liked the song and the video was decent. I'm not sure what image Drake is trying to portray nowadays but it's a bit confusing. The 100 dudes surrounding him, standing in front of three trucks, rapping with a scarf in his hand, the random shot of the dude on the motorcycle, elementary style graffiti on old buildings-it's like a cross between a Ruff Ryder video and the cartoon show, Recess. It's all good though. He's lucky the track is dope cause fortunately, we will be hearing the song more than we will be watching the video. I will say the dinner table scene was dope. I like the color scheme with like the tan and gold and shit. I'm gonna stop typing now. Enjoy.

Take Care is in stores October 24. Drake's burfday.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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