CrackKillz-ICE (I Control Everything)
Check out this new mixtape from MI emcee, CrackKillz, titled ICE (I Control Everything)! The mixtape is mostly produced by MI producer, SixO and features include Manny D, DumbNDumber, Chip$ Dinero, and more. This is my first time hearing about CrackKillz and hearing his music and I must say I am kinda impressed. 

Some tracks on the project stand out more than others. The actual rapping had some weak points and other times it was dope as fuck. Overall, I fucks with this project. There's room for growth but I think CrackKillz is on the right track. The production is pretty dope as well. So in conclusion, I like this project more than I don't like it-if that makes sense. Def gotta listen to more of his music. Enjoy people! And yes, that was my review. Lol 

CrackKillz's ICE
Overall rating: 7.5/10 dope points

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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