Got wind of this new NJ emcee by the name of KushSmellGood! Now isn't that a cool name?! Lol Track is titled Medication and by the title of the song and his name, I'm sure you guys can figure out what this track is about. Yes, this is for the stoners! KSG has a very unique voice and his flow is smooth and laid back. Curren$y needs to put him with the Jet$ asap! I really like the track and I will def listen to more of his music. Shout out to Abel of for giving me the heads up on KSG and I really appreciated your email! I'm glad you enjoy my blog homie! You're dope!  Roll one and enjoy people!

For more KushSmellGood, check out:

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


victor said…
This is dope!! lol one tiny mistake abel** not alex...this is awesome thanks for showing us some love!
Es said…
lol i'm an idiot. fixed it! lol

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