Throwback Of Es: Megan Rochell 2x.

First off, if you know who Megan Rochell is, you automatically get 10 dope points for the week! If you don't know who she is, Google is the homie. Back in my MySpace days ('05-'07), when your playlist on your page better much told people what kind of person you were (besides your layout of course) and when imeem was very alive and still it's own site, I discovered Megan Rochell who was signed to Def Jam at the time and fell in love. No homo.  I was like her number one fan! Her music was my shit!!! So today, her single from '06, The One You Need ft. Fabolous, popped up on Tumblr and I flipped out! It was only right that I made her my Throwback Of Es for now, since one of these posts is long over due anyways.

So below we got:
Megan Rochell ft. Fabolous-The One You Need

And my favorite from her, Megan Rochell- Betcha

Before Keyshia Cole, there was Megan Rochell. Just sayin'.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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