Award Tour.

Check out the new EP from Odd Future's Mike G! It's titled Award Tour and consists of 7 tracks. Features include Vince Staples and SPEAK! Also has production from Hodgy Beats, Left Brain, Jay Curry, Frisco (Syd Tha Kyd), and Patrick the Great! I think Mike G is very looked over when it comes to Odd Future and it's a shame because he's a really dope emcee. I really liked his album, ALI. He has a very unique flow and (dare I say...) swag to him.  He may not be radical Tyler or a stoner rapper like Domo Genesis, but he's got something for everyone. For an EP, this is good. I like that he worked with producers outside of OF because it gives s music a different dynamic. But I personally feel like this isn't the best I've heard from Mike G. And I know he can definitely give the people something way doper. I'm interested to see how his next album, Gold will compare to this EP. Well OF heads, here's some new Mike G for ya ass!!! Enjoy!

Mike G's Award Tour EP
7.5/10 dope points

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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