Can't Wait.

It's here!!! OnCue drops his highly anticipated mixtape, Can't Wait!  Features Mike Posner, manicanparty, and Sonny Shotz! Also has production from CJ Luzi, 88-Keys, Chanes, manicanparty and more! All songs on the 'tape are original by the way!

 I'm listening to this 'tape right now and I am loving wait I'm hearing come out of my speakers. Cuey has definitely stepped it up since his previous releases. It's still that original Cuey sound that we love, just refined and even more amazing. You can tell he put a lot of heart into this project. It's not the type of project you just listen to. When you play this 'tape, you feel it. You connect with Cuey and what he's telling you. And to me, that's the best kind of music. Word to CJ Luzi who mainly produced this project. Love his production. CJ and Cuey make a great team when it comes to making music. If anyone ever had doubts if OnCue had what it takes to be something big in this music industry, they need to listen to Can't Wait. Overall, this is really some classic shit. I always try to find something that I don't necessarily like about a project just to play the devil's advocate but I can't. This is pretty much... dare I say "perfect"?! It's a really dope, solid, high quality piece of work! Am I wow'd? Not really. But I fucks with this project... A LOT! It was totally worth the wait. So if you don't download anything else I posted up on this site this month, definitely download OnCue's Can't Wait and get familiar with this guy and his amazing work. Thank me later (no Drizzy). Get into this!!!

OnCue's Can't Wait mixtape
10/10 dope points

Also, check out this video from OnCue for his song, Headlights!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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