Distance To Infinity.

GA emcee/producer,  SUBMiT presents to us his latest musical offering titled, Distance To Infinity! Features include Pharoh, Ukan, K. Camp, Ashton Kent, and more! Production from Odd Couple and of course SUBMiT himself! 

People, this is a good ass mixtape! It's solid. SUBMiT stayed very true to who he is as an artist and he came on every track like he was hungry for victory! The energy on this 'tape is dope and consistent. To me, this is the kind of mixtape an artist gets a deal off of. SUBMiT always gives the people great music but this has to be some of the best work I've heard from him. Send this one to the labels bruh! Lol And if you've never listened to any of his music before, this is a nice ass introduction of SUBMiT for you buddy! Dopeshit to the fullest!

SUBMiT's Distance To Infinity mixtape
9.5/10 dope points

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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