Happy To Be Here.

Earlier this week, Young Lyxx dropped his second album, Happy To Be Here! Features on the album include Aleon Craft, Dee Goodz, Machine Gun Kelly, Bosco, and more. Also features production from SMKA, Chance Mack, Heroes + Villians, and more. This a well put together, high quality album. Sonically, I really fucks with this album. Young Lyxx has a unique style to his music but it's not so far out that the average Hip Hop head couldn't fuck with it. His wordplay is clever and easy to relate to. The production is dope as hell. The overall vibe of the album is good. I believe that he will gain some new fans with this project and more people will know of him in generally. I would totally vibe out to this album on my own time. Good shit. Check it out and enjoy it everyone!

Young Lyxx's Happy To Be Here album
8.5/10 dope points

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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