New Designer Drug.

Check out the latest album from J*Davey titled New Designer Drug! Its available for free with a purchase of the digital book, NDD: The Liner Notes. And the book is only $2.99, so that's a pretty good deal! Album has 11 brand new tracks from the duo and features include Polyester The Saint, Thundercat, ?uestlove, Khari Ferrari and more! 

To be 100% honest, I'm not exactly a J*Davey fan. I have friends who LOVE this duo but I don't know, everything is not for everyone right? Well, I was able to check out the album a little earlier than the release date, and I must say I liked it. Like it's a well done album. I think my favorite track is Queen Of Wonderland, which is their single. I think that if you are really into J*Davey, you will love this album! If you never heard of them before or never listened to their music, this is a highly quality introduction for you. The duo is uber talented and I like the uniqueness of their music. But again, for me in particular, it's not exactly my cup of tea. Yea, that's somewhat of review from me. But definitely check out this album and support, you just might love it enough to hit me up and convince me to like it! 

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