Rap Hard.

So a demo mixtape by Kid Cudi popped up on the internet today. Apparently this 'tape is circa 2000-2001. And that is exactly what it sounds like. Obviously Cudi did not release this himself, I don't even know why anyone would think that. If this was the first project I've ever heard from Scotty, I would say this mixtape is decent. But compared to the mixtapes and albums he has put in recent years-WHOA! Talk about growth! I think it's a bit hilarious that it's called Rap Hard and he barely did any of that on this demo. If you're an avid Cudi fan, download this. If not, don't bother downloading it. You're not missing really. It's just amazing to see how far an artist has come and the growth that has occurred over the years. 

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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