Talk To Me.

New music from BMore emcee, Milly Esquire! It's titled, Talk To Me and it track 3 of his music series, Mill Mondays! I think the description that I got in the email will best describe this song:
Fueled by an experience years ago, involving a famous consulting company, Milly speaks on this track about what its like being an up and coming hip hop artist, and the difficulties that come with it. The feelings of being underrated, not getting the support that he deserves and believes he warrants, and the failed relationships and women that only want him because he is a rapper, are the backbone of this song. A deeper look into Milly Esquire is what this track delivers and will serve to provide not only more insight into him for his peers and the industry, but also to his fans, past, current and future.
Click the link and press play!!! Enjoy! Y.H.G.M.!!!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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