Check out this mix I came across by producer/photographer/all over dope dude, SimplyDop3! It's titled A.D.H.D and features the original version of Kendrick Lamar's A.D.H.D, the chopped screwed version of A.D.H.D by The Chopstars, a remix of A.D.H.D (High Tolerence) by Duke Westlake and Jet Age Of Tomorrow's The Knight Hawk! I definitely don't come across a lot of mixes for whatever reason but when I do, I always press play. And this particular one caught my attention because it revolves around the very dope song by K.Dot. I really enjoyed this mix and his other mixes are pretty dope as well. He should def look into being a DJ, I would book him for an event. But check it out people and enjoy!

Check out SimplyDop3 on Tumblr, here and for his other mixes, click here!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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