Here Ye, Here Ye.

New video from the King Of the South, T.I. featuring the one and only Pharrell. It's for his single, Here Ye, Here Ye and it's off his upcoming album, Trouble Man. I know I don't really post "mainstream" shit on here but I am a fan of both T.I. and Pharrell, so this video just had to be on here. I was very happy the day Tip got out of jail. I really had no choice because here in Atlanta, whenever he gets out, it's like Martin Luther King Jr. Day up in this bitch. But I'm glad he's back and has released music since. But I'm posting this video mainly cause Pharrell is in it and Pharrell is rapping. Can someone start like a petition or something asking Pharrell to drop another solo album? In My Mind is still my shit and I just need more dopeness from him in my life. Anywho, enjoy the video yall. 

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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