Review: Echoes Of Silence.

The wait for the third and final part of The Weeknd's EP triology was over when he recently dropped Echoes Of Silence. After the somewhat abstract and awkward project, Thursday and numerous leaks, including Initiation, the hype around EOS was huge! Did it live up to the hype? Did it truly complete the triology? Well apparently, the people are loving EOS! I even caught wind of a few people saying the Abel is the next Michael Jackson. People are just mind blown by Abel's final offering in 2011. As for me...

It's not that good. I was on Team Weeknd when House Of Balloons dropped. It was the drug laced, late night party, raw R&B I've been waiting for. And then he dropped Thursday and I was like, "This nigga playing right? What the fuck?". But I regained hope in Abel when Initiation leaked. I  thought (and still think) that song is genius! So I felt obligated to cop EOS to complete my collection. The project opens up with Abel covering Michael Jackson's Dirty Diana. He sounds like as if Michael Jackson recorded the song again but in his sleep. You don't cover a song by someone trying to sound EXACTLY like the original artist. Abel tried but he could never sing Dirty Diana (or any other song) like the King. E for Effort though. 

As far as the rest of the project, the only songs I actually can stand are Montreal and Initiation. I love Montreal cause he's singing in French. I think he sounds better singing in French, he should do it more often.  But the song is really nice. The vibe of project as a whole seems to be on one note. The songs almost sound the same to me. It was very hard for me to connect with, or even just listen to the songs. This project did very little, if anything for me. I might have to delete it to make some room on my hard drive-ugh, but that would fuck up the collection.

In conclusion, House Of Balloons > Thursday > Echoes Of Silence. His releases just get worse and worse-in my opinion. I hope Abel will be able to make music albums again like HOB and stop making high school art projects like EOS and Thursday. And no, Abel is not and never will be the next Michael Jackson. He has a lot of growing to do as an artist and with his weak releases, he makes it really obvious. But like I said, I hope he can go back to making MUSIC because I still do see a lot of potential in The Weeknd. 

The Weekend's Echoes Of Silence
4.5/10 dope points.

Now, I'm just gonna sit back and wait for all the XO fans to bash my blog and call me a hater as if they know me. *sips sweet tea*

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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