Think Again.

Check out this new EP by DMV emcee, Nomad! It's titled Think Again and features 10 tracks, 9 of which are produced by Nomad himself. Also features fellow emcee, Eskay. Topics Nomad speaks on throughout the project are relationships, success, and race relations. This is also Nomad's first solo project.  

I enjoyed this project a lot. I appreciate the mellow vibe throughout it. It makes you focus more on what he's saying. Obviously the concept of this EP is to get us to think and not for him to necessarily tell a story. I think a lot of artists forget that you can make a song or even a whole project that doesn't tell a story but that rather just gets us to view things in a different manner or through the eyes of someone else. After venting in my last essay about artists and their standards of good music, I think that this EP reached me by no accident. I think this 20 year old emcee has a lot to offer the rap game and I'm excited to hear more from him. Good, solid first project from Nomad. And oh, he gets extra dope points for the Little Dragon Constant Surprises sample within the production of Run On Thoughts. My favorite Little Dragon song, so yea I caught that. Lol

Nomad's Think Again EP
8.5/10 dope points

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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