Asaad 3x.

So apparently, this week is ASAAD Week! I knew something was going on because Asaad has been dropping gems consistently and constantly lately. But is Es mad about it? Fuck no! The tracks have been premiered on different sites, so fuck a blog run, I had to do a blog chase and find these tracks! lol I posted the first song of Asaad Week, and it's Thursday so here are the other three so far. I think everyone knows how much I love Asaad by now and I swear after every track I hear from him, I love him even more. Asaad is a fuckin' living legend. Yes, I said it. And sooner than later, you will agree. Do your iPod and yourself a favor and download these precious gems of music. Shout out to Ammo and the whole #DirtyMiddleClass x #TheNewBlvck movement! You guys inspire me. 

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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