Asaad x It's The Bino: Interview.

Check this interview It's The Bino did with one of my favorite rappers out, Asaad! Asaad talks about growing up in Philly, fashion in Hip Hop, and what #DirtyMiddleClass means to him. Yall, don't be surprised if my blog just turns into an Asaad fan page or something! This guy is the fucking truth! He's just so epic, it's doesn't even make sense. Every once in a while, we get artists who will change your life with their music and with their own lives. And there is no doubt in my mind that Asaad is one of those artists. Like we're the same age (he's actually a few months younger than me) but I look up to him. He's amazing. I just can't with him and all his glory. Like I try not to "cosign" on artists this hard but Asaad is one of those artists you need to be up on. Seriously. This interview is everything, Asaad is everything. Just press play, please.
'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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