Bop It.

Check out this new track from Southside ATL collective, Juice Crew titled Bop It. Emcees Mykko Montana, Fressh, ForteBowie, and MayBerry of JC are featured on the track! I caught wind of this track on Twitter and best believe that when I pressed play and that beat dropped... the little bit of ratchetness within me come out! Full blown! Like twerkin', in my room, by myself, hair pinned up-Lord knows. The production on this is just too dope. Everyone, please tweet or email this to your local DJs and tell them to play this in the club or else say that you're not gonna show them love or something. Just let them know that they need to be on this or else there will be consequences! I love these guys. Now back to my twerkin'-enjoy!

p.s. Juice Crew, I'm gonna need the mp3 of this. You know where to find me. Thank you in advance. 

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'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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