The Evolution Of Music Online.

Check out this video PBS's Off Book about the Evolution Of Music Online and the importance of music blogs both big and small. They talk to the top dogs of Fader Label, Vimeo, Pitchfork, and The Hype Machine. This video really gave me more faith that what I'm doing with my blog is worth it and is part of something bigger than me, the artists I blog about, and this industry. I may not be Pitchfork or HypeTrak, or even 2dopeboyz or illRoots, but I know people read my blog and discover their new favorite artists. I hope everyone watches this video and really sees how the industry and culture of music has changed and how it's changed for the better. Shout out to PBS for always keeping to trill. And to everyone else, support the evolution and support the blogs. Fuck SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA. RIP Megaupload. *busts out laughing* Word to Swizz Beatz though. 

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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