Girls Just Wanna.

New music from NC artist, Dekory Rashad titled Girls Just Wanna! This track came to me in a very simple email that had the mp3, artwork, two links, and a very (very!) brief summary of Dekory. I didn't expect much from the look of the email itself, but when I pressed play... and I heard the Cyndi Lauper sample chopped up... with the feel good, summery type production... and Dekory's smooth voice and chill flow-this guy knows what the fuck he is doing when it comes to this track. HOT DAMN! This is on repeat right now! I'm loving this. Dekory about to have all the bitches in his crib with this one track. He made my January feel like July. I already have my 2012 summer theme song. Thank you, Dekory Rashad. Thank you. The rest of you (especially the ladies), click the link! En-fuckin'-joy!

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