Lana Del Rey x Complex.

My new obsession, singer/songwriter Lana Del Rey is the cover girl for Complex's Feb/March issue which also features A$AP Rocky x Jeremy Scott on the other cover. As much as I adore Rocky and JS, I refuse to post their cover because it's a played out copy of the famous Andy Warhol x Basiquat art show flyer. And it looks a lot like the artwork for Reese's Glory Lap featuring Casey Veggies that was done by Cherry Collab. Anywho, back to LDR.

I honestly just got hip to Lana and all her glory like a week ago. Her classic beauty caught my eye (no homo) but her music is what really does it for me. She has been described as a gangsta Nancy Sinatra and I love me some Nancy Sinatra. The best way I can describe her music is 1960's trill shit. Her voice has an older classic vibe to it but her lyrics are very raw and fresh. She's 25 years young and hails from NYC. Went to London for some time to focus on the music and then boom!, she blew up with the release her video, Video Games. This is really good article/interview on LDR. I knew a lot of people would hate on her before I even acutally caught wind of people doing it. She's not manufactured like many other artists-especially female artists. She's true and real. She's trill! I appreciate her for being her absolute self and not changing even with her new found fame. Maybe other artists can learn a thing or two from her. Her album, Born To Die is set to be out real soon! Gorgeous cover by the way! Love it!

Check out her latest video, Born To Die. This video is epic.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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