Lights Around The Mirror.

New mixtape from FL artist, Matt Villz titled, Lights Around The Mirror! It's his first official project ever and features fellow OLDxSOUL collective members, Will Effe and Royale. Also features productions from OxS's Woods, Rizon, and Villz himself. As I listen to this project, all I can say is-

"Oh shit!" I just got familiar with Matt Villz like a week ago when he dropped his song Wide Awake, so I obviously didn't know of ALL of his dopeness. And apparently the fact that he is a rapper, producer, AND a singer, just went right over my head. This guy is ill! He's like a trill Southern emcee, with two shots of Frank Ocean and a teaspoon of No I.D. stirred up together with OG kush smoke coming out of the cup. I am feeling this project to the max. I was pleasantly surprised by his talent. This dude has a future in this industry, a bright one at that. There are different themes and vibes throughout this 'tape but it all makes sense. As I was listening to LATM, I feel like I was spending a day with Villz. Like Villz Transition is when I first meet up with him in the morning and we talking over coffee. Then by the time we get to My Clique, we're with the rest of the OxS collective chillin' and shit. Finally, Wide Awake is when Villz opens up to where you able to see a deeper side to him. For a first project, this is solid. He is off to a dope start. But the next project gotta top LATM but with Matt Villz's talent, I'm sure it will. People, click the link and let my review manifest itself. Enjoy!

Matt Villz's Lights Around The Mirror mixtape
8.5/10 dope points

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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