MF Wonders.

Check out FL group, The Soulstice, first mixtape, MF Wonders. The Soulstice pay homage to legendary producers, 9th Wonder and MF Doom by spitting legit, dope flows on production by the legends. I fucking love the concept of this project! Talent recognizes talent, so it's nice to see some emcees showing respect to such epic producers. These guys are dope!!! It's not fair they are in a group cause they are just gonna end careers times 4! The production they choose flowed oh so nicely together. And these guys are just generally talented! Ill flows, clever lyrics-just some good ol Hip Hop for your ass! Really solid effort from The Soulstice, especially for this being their first project ever! Can't wait to hear more from them and I have high expectations of them too! Love this project, and you just might love it too people! You know the routine, click the linkkkkk! Word to Y.H.G.M.!!!

The Soulstice's MF Wonders mixtape
8/10 dope points

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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