New album from Brooklyn band, Phony Ppl titled Phonyland! I believer this is their first official album, it is free though! So not entirely sure. Anywho, this 13 track, all original music gem is straight Nutella, no chaser (in the words of my sister)! Phony Ppl know how to make some good music. I know us young people may not be the biggest jazz or soul music fans but Phony Ppl makes the type of jazz/soul music our generation can rock with. It's perfect music just to chill and vibe out to. Type of music you play for your boo. I bet you can play this for your mom and she'll love it! It's original, refreshing, high quality, dope ass, feel good music. I've been on this band for a long time now, so it's dope that they are finally getting the recognition that they deserve. Cop this album... now!!!

Phony Ppl's Phonyland
9.5/10 dope points

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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