Violet Rebel.

New music from Asaad titled Violet Rebel! It's produced by MP the God! Asaad is not playing with these leaks! He dropped this gem at 6 AM yesterday-I know I was knocked the fuck out at 6 AM! This just goes to show that he is up and grindin'. And of course this track is ill. Asaad reminds me of one of my favorite emcees, Boo Bonic, in the sense that he can get on any beat and make it seem like the beat was customized just for him. Like a custom tailored suit. He wears it very well. As far as projects, Asaad's next EP, 006, is coming soon! Enjoy people!!!

p.s. Can my new nickname be "Violet Rebel"? One of my favorite colors and the word, rebel? That is so me. lmao!

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