Bad Girls.

New video from M.I.A. for her single, Bad Girls! It's directed by Romain Gavras and was shoot in the deserts of Morroco. Features some ill Saudi drifting, a see-through-neon-lit ride, girls in shiny jumpsuits and M.I.A. being nothing but a G. M.I.A. never fails to give the people epic videos! She def needs to win a VMA for this video. I need this single so I can blast this in my car. I need some trill shit to speed to school with. Lol Love M.I.A.! She is a Trill Queen. Enjoy!

I'm gonna throw on a shiny jumpsuit, get some glowsticks on my dashboard, and do doughnuts with my Toyota Camry in my neighborhood now. Fuck wit' me.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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