Balloons Of Haus.

New remix project by New York/Portland producer/DJ, Chi Duly! It's titled Balloon of Haus and it features songs by The Weeknd. Chi Duly describes the project as,"... house music for the "I'm not really into techno" folks." Well I actually love techno music and Chi's spin on The Weeknd's very emotional and dramatic vibe is amazing! They need to play this at all the clubs! You can still enjoy the coked up, drunk, and strung out lyrics by Abel and dance your ass off! I never thought something like this was possible to be honest. Balloons Of Haus consists of some of the best remixes I've heard of any of The Weeknd's music. Chi Duly, you are genius! Everyone, you must check this out! Enjoy!

Chi Duly x The Weeknd's Balloons Of Haus
10/10 dope points

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