Dope Or Die!

New video from NYC's finest, PUSH! (previously known as PUSH! Montana), for his track, Dope Or Die! off of his highly acclaimed mixtape, When PUSH! Comes To Shove Vol.2 with DJ Drama! This is probably one of my favorite tracks off the 'tape! Just so you people know, the shit PUSH! talks about is not for show, he lives that shit! That line where he's like, "I come around and industry dudes fidget"-yo, don't make me tell you that story again about him and his crew coming through at a show, scaring the shit out of me! Lol Shit is real life and I think PUSH! represents a part of Hip Hop that a lot of people try to imitate but don't truly know about. Also a part that people downplay but it plays a very big role in the foundations of today's Hip Hop culture. Okay, let me not get into a Hip Hop History rant, so check out the new video! FRESSSH! And oh, PUSH! we still need "Dope Or Die" shirts, thanks! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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