New self-titled LP from Detroit's Ivy League Crew's own, IIKINGS! IIKINGS consists of emcees CrackKillz and Motorcity Maz! LP includes features from Nolan The Ninja, Chavis Chandler, A-Minus, GT, and more! Also includes production from Jrilla The Jeanius, DJ Brown, Pat In The Hat, and more. I must say I appreciate the work IIKINGS put into this project. And I can tell they put a lot of thought and work into it from the music it's self. Usually when two artists do a whole album together, it ends up being a clusterfuck with no real theme or objective. This LP of there is clearly based off the theme of being kings in their own right and you hear that is almost song on it. I really enjoyed the production on this project, it was definitely on some royal, epic shit. There are some songs I enjoyed more than others, I will admit. But overall, this was a really solid debut release from the duo. Here's two young emcees holding it down for Detroit and doing it big for their crew and making some pretty dope music-you should support them. CrackKillz and Maz both have solo projects in the works but I wouldn't be mad at another IIKINGS project. Enjoy people!!!

8.0/10 dope points

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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