It Usually Goes.

Newly released track from OnCue titled It Usually Goes! It's produced by CJ Luzi and is a leftover from Cuey's latest release, Can't Wait! Although the song was never on any project, Cuey definitely felt like it was one that needed to be heard. My only question is, whyyyyy wasn't this on any project again? This shit is ill! CJ is just epic with the production as always, loving the sample! And Cuey went off! He was on that "Fuck a hater" shit! I'm loving this. Glad he gave us this one. And I just want to point out something that Cuey said towards the end of the song, "Just cause you have a mircophone and a computer does not mean you're a fucking rapper!". Word, son! WORD! Okay, people check out the track and enjoy!

Oh, and he dropped a video for this track last year, check it out!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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