Macchiato Music.

New video from West Virginia to NY emcee, D-Why for his track, Macchiato Music! The track is off his upcoming project, Don't Flatter Yourself! Video is done by Ian Wolfson and was shot in Venice, Italy. Talk about some baller shit right there, bruh! I haven't heard anything new from this guy in a while but seems like he was cooking up some really good dopeness for the people! If this is your first time encountering D-Why, please google him. Like, just do yourself that favor. Dude is tailored to the max and he spits some of the dopest lines ever. And he's 100% him, not out here trying to be anyone else but himself, which I appreciate it! So, check out the video and be jealous you weren't in Italy swaggin' out with your boy! BOW!

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