New Black ® History Month.

New mixtape from Philly's own, Asaad titled New Black ® History Month! Artist features include I.N.I and Walt Fraze. Also includes features from Bink!, Maestro, Tae Beast, Nascent & QB, Asaad himself and more! 

Yesssss! Been waiting for this all month!!! After the Dirty Middle Class mixtape, all I've been craving is more Asaad dopeness! And as I listen to NBHM, it just reminds me that Asaad is... EVERYTHING! Asaad's accounts of a young dude from the hood living a luxurious life, rocking expensive threads, and having sexual encounters with foreign models, on some of the most epic production ever, makes every song a moment! Even through all the luxury rap, Asaad is still able to show his heart and share his dreams with us. We're able to see Asaad inside and out through the music. I definitely see some growth, style wise. Dirty Middle Class was like him getting a brand new suit and New Black ® History Month is him getting it tailored to fit him. I love the passion and just overall hunger Asaad posses and his  amazing taste in production- because hot damn, the production is beyond dope on there! Even though we had a better sucky Black History Month due to the loss of two legends, this new project made me hopefully in the future and the legends that are next up. In conclusion, need some dope ass Hip Hop in your iTunes on this rare day of February, download New Black ® History Month and all hail kingASAAD!

Asaad's New Black ® History Month
9.5/10 dope points

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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