Planet Of The Ape$.

New album from GREATeclectic titled Planet Of The Ape$! It features artists such as Naira, Karen Alise, Jay Scott, Ben Carson, Karima Harrison and many more! GREATeclectic produced and mixed this entire album (with the exception of one song produced by Fancy Mike). Planet Of The Apes is a neon bright fusion of many musical influences and the wild life. There's not really much music out there like this. GREATeclectic is on a mission with this album, and that it to get you off your ass and make you dance! You will dance so hard to this album, you will feel like you're "on one"! I enjoy the album lyrically as well. It's seductive, witty, mind provoking all at once. So roll something, pour up, pop one, put on your brightest pieces of clothing, play this at the highest volume, and LIVE! In GREATeclectic We Trust. Enjoy!

GREATeclectic's Planet Of The Apes$
8.5/10 dope points

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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