Thoughts Of Es: 54th Grammy Awards.

Last night, the world of music and the rest of us watched the 54th Grammy Awards. I had a pretty sucky Sunday but that couldn't end my tradition of watching the Grammys that I have managed to keep up with since I was a child. Although I didn't catch the whole award show, I managed to see enough and apparently, I didn't miss too much either. Since I wasn't on Twitter last night talking my shit, I decided to do a post... talking my shit. Here is my review/reaction/rant of the 54th Grammys-enjoy!

  • Chris Brown back at the Grammys on you bitches!!! I know that nigga was nerrrrrvous! When he won for Best R&B album, I was like "Pity win." I am yet to even listen to F.A.M.E but it just seemed like a pity win to me. But I give Chris Brown props cause he shouted out Team Breezy. And I think that CB has the craziest yet strongest fan base ever and I'm glad he holds them down just as much as they hold him down. Slappin' bitches, winning Grammys.  ...I love you Rihanna.
  • Shit, what happened after that?
  • Oh, word to Country music! There seems to be a lot of unity and just overall love throughout the Country music scene. I wish Hip Hop was more like that.
  • I am NOT a Jennifer Hudson fan but her tribute to Whitney Houston was very touching and I know it was hard for her to do. I was lowkey holding back tears myself. Beautiful job, Hudson.
  • Katy Perry... get off of Lady Gaga's dick! Like during her performance, my parents were like, "Are you sure that's not Lady Gaga?" Katy Perry, get a new weave, dye your hair black again, go get your babydoll dresses and not stop being the world's #1 Lady Gaga impersonator. I'm not even a big Gaga fan like that but damn!
  • Bon Iver won like two gold ones last night I believe. Well deserved. One of the illest artists out right now. Swag salute to him.
  • G.O.O.D MUSIC BITCHES!!! My nigga KanYe just dominated the rap categories! He just took glorious shits on everyone, love it! Well deserved! I know he wasn't up for like Album Of the Year or Record Of the Year but he still come out that bitch with multiple Grammys. G.O.O.D Music = Grammy Family. Young Money who?
  • What else?....
  • Taylor Swift annoys me. Next.
  • Okay so word to the whole dance/electronica segment of the Grammys with David Guetta, Chris Brown, Foo Fighters, and deadmau5. I must be honest though, the only part that really had me jammin' was the Foo Fighters part. Guetta x CB was iight (who told Weezy to show up?) and deadmau5 is ill but I love the Foo Fighters and they were the dopest part. Guetta should have been up there with Kid Cudi... or even Kelly Rowland. 
  • Oh how I love to hate Nicki Minaj and how I hate to love her! Her performance definitely had me on the 'hate to love" side of things with her. Fuck Roman but Nicki's performance was blasphemy at it's finest! Son, first she was in confessional acting crazy, then it went to like a movie part, then the stage... THE STAGE?! Glorious! I don't know who is on her creative team but damn, they are good. The dancing and singing monks, the bishop and the little boys, her in the air? SON! I loved it. Fuck what anyone thinks, that was one hell of a performance. I still hate how she's rapping and shit but visually and concept wise-that had to be one of the illest performances I've ever seen. Nicki, I applaud you. If you could keep this up and start doing like some REAL rap music, you will be golden.
  • All Adele Everything! She just like trolled on everyone. EVERYONE! I love how she won a Grammy for something and was like,"This is ridiculous!" Lol but yea, All Adele Everything.
  • Overall, the Grammys were... iight. I think award shows nowadays just lack energy for whatever reason. They use to be so hype and raw back in the day. Congrats to all the winners and performers. Keep music alive. See yall next time.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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