New EP from Jimmy Astro and FreddsDEAD titled, VICE!!! Consists of 8 original tracks produced by Jimmy Astro and 2 freestyles from the emcees! Jimmy and Fredd have consistently provided us with ill tracks recently, so it's only right we get a project. They are def putting on for Tennessee and the South in general. I keep telling people, real emcees do exist in the South!!! I enjoyed the production on the EP. I think Jimmy's production style is very diverse but he definitely has a signature to it. This EP was needed to let yall know that Jimmy and Fredd are some dope ass emcees and that you might just want to put some insurance on your rap career (if you are pursing one) because they are coming for your neck!!! This EP goes so hard. Download this EP and bump it as you ride out this weekend. All the hoes will be wanting to ride with you-I promise. And the cover is so 80s Miami, love it! Lol CLICK THE LINK!!! Enjoy!

Jimmy Astro x FreddsDEAD's VICE EP
9/10 dope points

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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