WeAreDope: The Intro.

What's gucci, people?! Es here, as usual. I know you're probably looking at the photo and thinking, "Oh shit, what is this about?" Well, I've mentioned this through my Twitter and told a few folks about this new series I want to do on the blog. So that is what this is about.  Don't be scared, it's all good.

The series is called, WeAreDope! Why, because we're fucking dope! You, me, the artists we listen to, the fashion brands we wear, the videos by directors that amaze us, the models we admire, etc! And it's about time, someone truly dedicated some time and effort into showcasing that. This is not your ordinary blog feature, 'cause yall know me, ordinary bores me to death! This series will expose the roots, inspirations, and truth to the things and people who are most dope to us. 

At first, this was strictly going to be an interview series but knowing the potential this site has, I decided to make it something more. WeAreDope will feature exclusive videos, music releases, and even (God willing) shows/concerts! I want this to be big and I want as many people a part of this movement as possible. But every new thing has to grow into something epic. Therefore, we're going to start with some interviews. 

I've made a list (and I've checked it twice) of people I truly find to be dope and would like to get inside their heads and understand them more for who they are and for who they are trying to be. These people include music artists, models, fashion brands, photographers, and more. Because yes, this site is not only for music. I know, surprising. Lol

As this series grows and hopefully, my money grows too, WeAreDope will be the greatest thing you will ever experience through a blog! And I know that I've introduced blog features/series before and never followed through, but I will not let this one flop. I will be putting all of me into this series because I truly believe that if I do that, it will change lives and make an impact on our culture. So no bullshittin' this time!

First feature of WeAreDope is an interview with Southside ATL's own mulit threat artist and my brother in the music, ForteBowie! And that will come to you by the end of the week, if not earlier! BOW!

If you are a music artist, fashion brand, model, photographer, director, etc and would like more info on WeAreDope and how you can showcase your work through the series, email me at Es@thegirltheycalles.com and put "WeAreDope" somewhere in the subject of the email, so I know what you're contacting me about!

In conclusion, ...LET'S DO THIS SHIT!!!! BOW!
'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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