When Forte Met Iggy.

New remix EP from ForteBowie titled When Forte Met Iggy! It's a remix ep consisting of 5 remixes of tracks from Iggy Azalea's Ignorant Art EP. When I say he upgraded these tracks, just know that he upgraded the shit out of these tracks! He made the original production on these tracks seem like trash! Forte put Iggy on some James Blake, he took us to church on the My World remix, and he got Iggy vibing with some screwed R&B-BRUH! I've been bumpin' this all day! This for all the people who have been sleeping on Forte's production skills. This shit is epic. If you don't even have to be a big Iggy fan to enjoy this. Whatever you do today, just make sure you get a chance to check this out. You will thank me later. Enjoy!!!!

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