Come To Me.

New video from Swedish singer, Fanny titled Come To Me! I know you're like, "Who?". Fanny was once the lead singer of Swedish pop girl group, Play! All my girls might remember their song, Cinderalla (youtube it!). While after leaving the group twice, Fanny decided to do her own thing and is working on her solo project under the record label, Hybrism. Caught wind of this video via The Fader and I'm so glad I pressed play. This track is DOPE! It has that electronic feel to the production which everyone is doing now but Fanny's vocals with the melody of the song is everything! I have to admit, I keep pressing reply on this video. I've never been so excited for some legit pop music in a while. I'm interested to hear more from Fanny because right now, she is on and poppin' with this track. Definitely check it out people! 

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