Discovery: Boss Of Nova.

So as we can all see, this week was unusually slow as far as new music goes. At least from where I'm blogging. Video after video has been dropped and sent my way. Videos are great, but can I just get some good ol' music?

When my days are short of audio dope, I go and hunt for some. I pay extra close attention to my Twitter timeline, click every link, listen to every stream, and yes, even watch the videos. And what did I find this time around? Nothing! But life has a funny way of working out. 

My 1990 brothers, ForteBowie and Akeem have been tweeting and telling me about some guy named Boss Of Nova. They said he is dope as fuck. I was like, "Ok." Thinking nothing more of it. Then Akeem tweeted something to the effect of "Go on SoundCloud and search Boss Of Nova". Something in my spirit told me to follow directions after reading that and I did. THANK GOD! 

They were right, Aaron Miller aka Boss Of Nova is dope as fuck! He hails from Nashville, TN. His music reminds me of a mixture of James Blake, Frank Ocean, and Coldplay. Which may make no sense to anyone but me but his music is amazing. From the production, to the lyrics, and his voice! Oh my goodness his voice is like the first cup of hot coffee on a Monday morning! From your indie rock hipsters to your trilla gangstas, I think any person who loves good ass music will fuck with BON's music.

Now, there's only 4 tracks online of his music that is available for stream only and 'Boss Of Nova' can give you all kinds of results when you Google it but with effort, you can discover him and all of his dopeness. It irks me when amazing artists like this aren't the biggest things popping since microwave popcorn. He has some of the best music I've heard in a while. He truly has something special that needs to be shared with the world. 

So I'm doing this post in hopes that you, my fellow music fiends, will check out it, enjoy it, and spread the word. I know everyone is busy riding Bon Iver's dick, especially after the Grammy wins but we shouldn't just let TV, mags, or yes, even blogs tell us what to listen to. Go forth and discover your next favorite artist yourself and spread the word! 

Check out this video of him performing a cover of Peter Gabriel's Red Rain, back in 2010:
To stream music from Boss Of Nova, check out:

To keep up with him, check out:!/novasboss

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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