Flaneurs Who Brunch.

Check out this new video from my sister site (literally, my sisters run this site), Le Femme Flaneur titled Flaneurs Who Brunch! Because they are just so dope at what they do, I'm going to let them tell you what it's about:
In this installment of Flaneurs Who Brunch, young Flaneur females take to brunch in Harlem and a stroll in Central Park, NY. The 20-something females discuss matters of existentialism to personal body views. The women speak openly, honestly, and candidly of issues that most females in this age bracket experience and go through. The goal is to get others thinking, talking, and ultimately to engage in the discourse.
So def check it out people! It's so good, thought provoking stuff! LLF up in this bitch!!! Yea, I'm the ratchet flaneur. Lol Enjoy!
'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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