Madeaux Live Mixes.

Check out these live mixes producer, Madeaux did recently! It's some of his first attempts at being a DJ and I swear, it sounds like he's been doing it for years! The mixes include some of his original tracks such as The Space Between Us and I Remember. Madeaux has one of the dopest styles I've ever heard and these mixes really showcase that. So if you're looking for something to vibe out to, definitely check out the Space Between Us mix which includes vocals from Little Dragon, The Weeknd, and Lana Del Rey. If you wanna dance and get hype, check out his Improv Disco mix, that's right, Madeaux resurrected Disco in the dopest way. I can't stop listening to these mixes! Madeaux is the shit! Enjoy!

For more Madeaux, check out:

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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