New music video from DMV emcee, Logic for his track Numbers! As always, the dope visuals are done by GRVTY. First off, let's talk about the beat. If anyone knows me and my iTunes, you know that I am a HUGE Paramore fan. The beat sampling Paramore's Decode-FUCK YES!!! Is it weird I knew that was the song they sampled within like 3 seconds of it playing? Lol Secondly, Logic. Hot damn! This guy is just epic! Like not many emcees out right now (or that I'm aware of) can fuck with him and his talent! He does this shit so effortlessly but at the same time, he has so much passion for it. He amazes me with every song and video. He's killing careers right now and he probably doesn't even know it. If he keeps this up, he will be one of the greatest emcees of our generation even though I feel like he pretty much is that already. And yall know that I just don't big people up for nothing. This guy is IT! And I gotta give him props for the love he has for his fans, I hope that never goes away. Damn, this is just-this video and track really got me excited for... I don't even know. For living life! Press play, just press play.

For more Logic, check out:!/Logic301

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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