NY (Ned Flander).

New video from Odd Future for their track, NY (Ned Flander) featuring Hodgy Beats and Tyler, the Creator! It's off the collective upcoming release, OF Tape Vol. 2! Video is directed by Wolf Haley. If you thought the video for Rella was on some other shit, the video for NY tops it in the WTF cateogory! Hodgy Beats is that old slob we saw in the beginning in the Rella video and has a white baby mama with a black baby, who happens to be Tyler. The ending with baby Creator and the dude in the bathroom kinda tripped me out. Loved Cold Ass Lucas doing his thang on the TV! As for the song, that shit is dope! OF has really stepped their bars up. I know Hodgy is like the greatest rapper alive, but Tyler has done some major improvements. This 'tape is going to be amazing! OF Tape Vol.2 drops 3/20 and they start their mini US tour on 3/9! GOLF WANG!
'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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